La fi d’un Principi




with Companyia Agitart - Figueres es mou


What happens when the rules are broken?
What does make you brake them?
what if... 

6 student s in a flat, discovering their own identities just before taking decision that would influence their whole life. How the interact, how they communicate, how they find their own individuality, exploring feelings and borders where anyone con feel related on.

La fi d'un principi was a fast made piece for the first edition of the festival AGITART - FIGUERES ES MOU, which was developed during the festival itself in coproduction with Habemus Corpus. Two years later, Miquel G. Font would conclude this draft with the creation of TEEN TIME GONE in 2016 and re remake of it in 2018 under the umbrella Habemus Corpus.

Original idea and direction: Miquel G. Font

Music: L. V. Beethoven

Choreography and text: Miquel G. Font

Dancers: Georgina Avilés Sarrias, Ashley Musk, Gemma Cuartero, Albert Galindo, Roger Fernandez and Niels Plotard

Stage design: Habemus Corpus 

Light and sound design: Miquel G. Font / Jaume Abuir

Artistic Producer: Agitart - Figueres es mou

Artistic direction Agitart: Roger Fernandez