Marc Oliveras Casas

Marc Oliveras Casas, born in Catalonia, starts his studies at Area, Barcelona and continues at the Contemporary Dance Academy of Amsterdam. During his education he worked with Dario Tortorelli, Eldad Bensason (Batsheva Dance Company), Thiago Granato (Cullberg Baletten), Andreas Hannes, Leine Roebana etc. During his fourth year he joins Scapino Ballet Rotterdam as internship and works in creation by Ed Wubbe, Nicole Caruana and Ryan Djodjokarso. 

He participates in the event "Made in Rotterdam" by Scapino Ballet presenting his own piece “Work in progress”.  He creates as well a piece called  “RED” for 5 dancers in the festival Where to Sit. 

He joins Habemus Corpus in 2020 to take over a main role in the piece 0'1234 and further on, in AMNEA. 


0'1234 - 2020
AMNEA - 2020