Maria Torrents


AMNEA - 2020

Born in Barcelona, Maria received her education in contemporary dance from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona,  followed by the postgraduate company It Dansa, where she performed repertory from various choreographers, including Ohad Naharin, Alexander Ekman, and Rafael Bonachela.

Her career as a freelance dancer launched in 2014, through a collaboration with Jordi Fabregas in two solos: "Duel" and "Trio per Ballarina, Violoncel i Calder". A relocation to Berlin led to further collaborations with different choreographers such as Morgan Reid, Tine Schmidt, Thomas K. Kopp and Masha Gurina, as well as the development of her own work “NomenNescio” with Nicole Michalla. The piece was selected to be featured in the Premiere 19’ Residency in the Baltic Countries throughout July and September 2018.

An interest in text and voice began to influence her work during a period spent acting in Joan Solana’s independent film Iria i Estel in 2015. This influence was also demonstrated in her role in the 2018 Departures/Arrivals Project from Alessandra Guiriola, performing as part of the internationally recognized Performing Arts Festival of Berlin. 

She joins Habemus Corpus in 2020 for the large production AMNEA.