Ecumenicam SUNDAY



coproduced by Oldenburgisches Staatstheater

When religion becomes the legalization of creeds. 
When limits invite you to overpass them. 
When right and wrong are allied against your will.

Ecumenicam Sunday is the second part of the trilogy, which puts in doubt laws shared amongst Cristian and Jewish religions: The 10 commandments. The debate is open when ethics and mercy are in contradiction with the 10 laws, and so the global Ecumenical message. 

Premiere: June 2013, Exerzierhalle Oldenburg, Alemania.

Original idea and direction: Miquel G. Font
Choreography and original music: Miquel G. Font
Production: Habemus Corpus
Interprets: Evangelos Poulinas and Miquel G. Font

Voice: Cordelia Lange, Steffen Eckalam
Stage design: Miquel G. Font
Coproduction: Staatstheater Oldenburg

Duration: 50 minutes