Wondering about the concept of death

The meaning it could have

What comes after?


Aire is the 5th and biggest piece of Ecumenicam Saga, coproduced by Grec 2017 Festival de Barcelona. 



"Maybe it is the end. Maybe a new beginning.

No one knows what death is exactly, not even the characters that,

in this piece with choreography and music by Miquel G. Font,

they need to choose between comming back to somewhere they already know or to move on to the unknown future."


Direction, Choreography and Music: Miquel G. Font

Dramaturgy: Marc Chornet

Video: Eloi Tomàs

Direction Assitant: Toni Guillemat

Choregraphy Assistant: Emmanuel Dobby

Dancers: Georgina Avilés Sarrias, Maya Gómez, Jori Kerremans, Justyna Kalvaczyk, Tiemen Stemerding, Nimrod Poles, Laia Vancells Pi, Emmanuel Dobby.

Actor: Jaume Madaula

Singers: Coral Ciutat de Mataró

Stage and Light Dessign: Miquel G. Font and Pol Queralt

Technic head: Pol Queralt

Costumes: Instituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona

Production: Habemus Corpus

Coproduction: Grec 2017 Festival de Barcelona

Production asistant: Georgina Avilés

Executive Production: Maria G. Rovelló

Duration: 70 minutes

Premiere: July 2017, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.

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