Ecumenicam MUST



coproduced by Stadttheater Klagenfurt

"When the two extremes touch"

Must is a literal story based on real events that deals with two people who do not have the same view over the interpretation of biblical writings. This difference does not allow them to develop a sentimental relationship, although the mutual feelings are present. With a live choir and with text and dance separately, Must is a balance between the depth of a perception problem and the humor that this can trigger.

In co-production with Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Ecumenicam Must received the award for best proposal in the Kärten region, Austria in 2012.

Direction, choreography and music: Miquel G. Font
Interprets: Kenia Bernal González and Miquel G. Font
Singers: Tine Schöltzke, Kathy Lochmann, Nadine Haber, Sun Kim Li, Stephan Bischoff, Maurice Klemm.
Duration: 50 minutes
Produced by: Habemus Corpus 
Coproduced by Stadttheater Klagenfurt
Premiere: April 2012, Stadthalle Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria.