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in coproduction withTanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg (Germany)  and L'Estruch, Fàbrica de creació (Catalonia)





"What if I never walked that street?
What if the red purse never fell?
What if he hadn't been there before time?
That woman knew what that man would do to me."

This was the beginning of a very premonitory history that reflects a very intimate situation and a personal debate in the real world: involuntary abortion's rights.
Everything was predictable by the instinct of the protagonist who saw what would happen to her coming, but she fails to prevent it. And not just once.

0'1234 delivers us a very strong literal story with many open questions about the vision of the future, the past we come from to and the present in which we live. The aim of this piece is to open direct line with the viewer's empathy with regard to what is happening on stage.

Invited to several festivals and theatres throughout Europe and winner of multiple national and international awards, the results of which was considered one of G. Font's best productions earned HC the surname of "Company of Documentary Dance".


0'1: Before Time
0'2: The Red Purse
0'3: After All
0'4: The End is Past

Four pieces that, putting them together as one, they share thematic and historical line, narrating what happens to a person during an emotional process of loss, but separately, each of them have their own dramaturgical identity and their own choreographic and musical language so they can be presented as originally created; separately.

Especially the first and second parts are the original parts of the beginning of creation process making a very crude presentation of a very emotional reality.


The first part, featuring a fragile, insecure and introverted character, makes us feel a empathy for vulnerability. We see how she prepares to leave her comfort zone, although what she perceives as an external entity advises her not to do: instinct.

Before Time was the solo that awarded a triple prize to Solo Tanz-Theater Stuttgart 2015:

  • Interpretation Prize - Daphne van Dooren
  • Audience Prize - Miquel G. Font
  • Prize for future production: Tempo [no] Tempo - Premiered in Stuttgart in April 2016



The second part, it presents us how this character interacts with another person and we quickly see them creating a future together. Then something happens that shakes them hard and we see those characteristic traits of the protagonist coming and going during a very crude emotional process.
This piece was the first created part of the entire production 0'1234. This led it to being invited to numerous festivals so that the piece would mature and provide inspirational funds for the rest of the production.

Main awards and festivals:

Lucky Trimer - Jerusalem Dance Week 2014 representative award
1st spectator's Prize and Prize - Certainly Coreographic of Sabadell 2014
Invited to West Side Tanz-Theater Darmstand 2015
Invited to W3 Hamburg 2015
IPAM Festival Grec 16 Festival Barcelona, 2016.

The tiny as a universe. From that point Miquel G. Font designs the fabric of this story. In four sections arranged as an account of what really happened, as of what could have been. Just one action and one word: dance and narration. Incarnate Word [...] How daring is hope! The one of the encounter is carried out by the dancer Emmanuel Dobby. Resolved in fragrances of freshly washed clothes, and in the central section of the work, dance together the love and death duo.

Jordi Sora - Escena de la memoria 

With 0'123 (Triple Bill), he already won the first prize in the choreography competition in Sabadell and has been seen in Jerusalem and Basel. Danced by Daphne van Dooren first, as a soloist, later as a duo (with Emmanuel Dobby), and then a trio, a story of relationships, the power of life and the precision of dance, subtle and brutal at the same time . "


Kultur Nachrichten Darmsatdt

Daphne van Dooren, with spasmodic movements through his body, as if controlled by electrical impulses. [...] Emmanuel Dobby embodies lovers with flexible drilling, highly energetic steps and a step by step with van Dooren, which is pure erotic charge. Something powerful has awakened.


Region Hessen Echo

Premiere: September 2014 - Alte Rumfabrik, Basel / May 2015 - L'Estruch Fàbrica de creació

Artistic direction and dramaturgy: Miquel G. Font
Production: Habemus Corpus
CHoreography and original music score: Miquel G. Font
Dancers: Daphne van Dooren, Maya Gómez, Emmanuel Dobby, Pau Altimira
Off Voices: Daphne van Dooren, Emmanuel Dobby
Light design: Toni Riba
Choreographical residencies: Staatstheater Darmstadt, Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg. Alte Rumfabrik Basel, L’Estruch, Fàbrica de creació