with Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine


When the brain takes us physically to another place.
When the control we generate controls us.
When all chaos is calculated.
When we are a group of individuals without an apparent connection.

Exode is the result of a calculator machine in many levels. In a process of short creation of a very genuine untensity, Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine opted for the natural evolution of the precise and calculated execution of classical dance combined with the viscerality and cruelness of a mental state led by some Codes calculated in space. All in all, a distant trip for the 23 dancers in a delimited scenario.

Exode is the original proposal that Miquel G. Font had for the creation of Exodus to Hopeland, this time taken to a more conceptual and cruelly physical level.

Original idea and direction: Miquel G. Font

Direction assistant: Emmanuel Dobby

Choreography and original music: Miquel G. Font

Dancers: Ivana Baray, Carla Béral, Manon Berthommier, Julie Carrere, Sacha Douriant, Louise Hery, Yuna Legrand, Swan Lepeltier, Manon Loyer, Clara Martone, Pascal Mathieu, Eve Missio, Augusta Sime, Margaux Sintes, Maurane Tessier, Agathe Vincent, Marie Boutard, Marie Brun, Manon Carraro, Mathilde Fasciana, Emma Fisher, Sarah Paquot, David Sims, Eloise Tricot 

Costume design: Habemus Corpus 

Costume confection: Arte Balleto

Light and sound design: Miquel G. Font

Artistic Producer: Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine

Artistic direction JBA: Christelle lara

Executive production: Benoît Baxerres

Images: Gil Bommelaere