with Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine

When the brain takes us physically to another place.
When the control we generate controls us.
When all chaos is calculated.
When we are a group of individuals without an apparent connection.

Exode is the result of a calculator machine in many levels. In a process of short creation of a very genuine untensity, Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine opted for the natural evolution of the precise and calculated execution of classical dance combined with the viscerality and cruelness of a mental state led by some Codes calculated in space. All in all, a distant trip for the 23 dancers in a delimited scenario.

Exode is the original proposal that Miquel G. Font had for the creation of Exodus to Hopeland, this time taken to a more conceptual and cruelly physical level.

Premiere: January 2018 - Bordeaux, France

Original idea and direction: Miquel G. Font
Direction assistant: Emmanuel Dobby
Choreography and original music: Miquel G. Font
Dancers: Dancers from JBA season 2017/18
Costume design: Habemus Corpus 
Costume confection: Arte Balleto
Light and sound design: Miquel G. Font

Production: Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine
Artistic direction JBA: Christelle lara
Executive production: Benoît Baxerres
Images: Gil Bommelaere

Duration: 17 min

Piece based on Exodus to Hopeland premiered in 2014, but readapted and totally remade for JBA.