Teen Time Gone


coproduced by l'Estruch, Fàbrica de creació

T E E N  T I M E  G O N E  is an ode to adolescence.
4 characters locked in a maze, constantly looking for a way out. They conect to each other, to themselves and to the audience, looking for the essential answers to life. Everything in a place full of objects and barriers where they will have to find their spaces, facilities, escapes and where at the end, they understand that to move forward to new place they must leave something behind. And so, to grow up.
Palying with literal theater, dance that is used to express what teenager cannot by words and together with the visceral music by Beethoven, Teen Time Gone is a reflection directed to the young (and not that young) audience about insecurities that the society of our days cover. 

Beautiful dance scenes and shocking images of action. Humor and reasoning hang side by side, within a dangerous randomness. Likewise, it all breathes as the proposal of Teen Time Gone, by Miquel G. Font that sails from the theater to dance, [...] The charm of the choreography strikes the shocking theater situations. [...] It is a piece that catches you through its force.

 Jordi Bordes - Recomana.cat


Teen Time Gone is a play where music, dance and text interact to release the tensions, desires and fears of four characters "trapped" in a labyrinthine floor. [...] A polyhedron with so many faces that, indeed, you have to look at it from the 360 degrees. The simultaneity of actions and activities make impossible diagonals appear, difficult to imagine new spaces and non-return points.

Lluís Mayench Pierre - Teatre Barcelona

The director of the work investigates in this work more in what cannot be verbalized. For this reason, Teen Time Gone takes off and takes momentum when the performers move and move through the labyrinth floor. [...] The choreographic style of Miquel G. Font is addictive, it is fluid and at the same time scarce.


 Clàudia Brufau - Núvol

Directed by Miquel G. Font
Music: L.V. Beethoven
Choreography i guió original: Miquel G. Font
Interprets: Emmanuel Dobby / Georgina Avilés / Laia Vancells i Pi /  Guillem Font 
Choreography assistant: Emmanuel Dobby
Light & Sound: Pol Queralt


Pictures: Sebàstian Mol Levi
Video edition: Eloi Tomàs
Choreographical residency: L'Estruch Fàbrica de creació, Sabadell
Stage design: Miquel G. Font
Based of the creation "La Fi d'un Principi" by Miquel G. Font (July 2014)
Premiere: September 2016 - Nau Ivanow, Barcelona / January 2018 - Centre Civic La Barceloneta, Barcelona