Exodus to Hopeland

Hopeland, that place where anything is possible. But only one can enter.

This piece is the results of different concepts together. Maths, feelings and hazard are in comunion while a big group of dancers deal with everything at the same time, being surprised, but under the protection of an intens but safe preperation for this challange.

They all have there own personalities, taking the skin of people from different corners of the world which have the desire and good reasons for wanting to enter the land where everything can be solved. 

Taking as a reference a reality show on TV and the media world today, Miquel G. Font developed a sarcastic way of seeing how i our times people depend on the image they give and the opinion of society making them lose their roots and principals in order to be successful.

With an intence working development, in a high level challenge concerning the concentration and memory, the dancers would as well participate on a shooting to be part of this TV show.

They would certainly talk in their mother tongues, and they would express their real feelings during the working progress.

So, the Exodus is real. 

This piece was designed to be reconstructed from zero with different companies.

The theme, structure and images of the piece would always be the same, but to do it with another company, would be to create every single movement from zero, having a new team of “characters” in this “TV program”, so it would always be “a new dance piece”.

Directed by Miquel G. Font

Choreography and Original Music: Miquel G. Font

Dancers: Pin- Chieh Chen, Antonio Izquierdo, Austin Fanar, Gabriela Gómez Abaitua, Johanna Berger, Beatrix Köller, Sabine Prokop, J.Asuka Riedl, Justyna Kalbarczyk

Video edition: Eloi Tomàs

Graphic design: Gabriela Pineda

Residency: Think Big 2014, Hannover

Production: International Tanz- Theater Festival, Hannover

Coproduction: Habemus Corpus


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