with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam


Norai, in catalan means bollard
Norai in Lithuanian means desires
Two Norai in two directions:
A mooring post to leave behind and an unknown desire to move forward.

In Norai it is revealed the relationship between two people that are attached to their pasts experiences.
Do we need to leave the past behind in order to go forward? What happens if we just let it go?
With a very daring set stage and the limitations that this gives to the interpreters within a high definition choreography where precision is the root of all body language, the two meanings of the tittle become the guideline for this trip. 


Choreography and original music: Miquel G. Font
Dancers: Laura Cassassola Fontseca, Leslie Humbert, Daphne van Dooren
Rehearsal direction: Débora Soto
Music realization: Habemus Corpus
Light design: Miquel G. Font, Xavier Spruit Bleeker
Costume and Stage design: Habemus Corpus


Artistic Production: Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Artistic direction: Ed Wubbe
Executive production: Erik Pals
Production Manager: Manon Paap
Costume realization: Pamela Homoet, Petra Finke
Technic headmaster: Guido Verschoor