Jori Kerremans


0'1234 - Rehearsal Director
AMNEA - Rehearsal Director / Dancer
SOME TIME TODAY FOR TOMORROW (Direction) - Co - Director & Dancer
AIRE - Dancer

Born in Belgium, he studies at DeKunsthumaniora Lier and at The Royal Balletschool of Antwerp and on 2006 he joins IT-Dansa directed by Catherine Allard. In the Summer of 2008 he joines Scottish Dance Theatre as a full-time dancer directed by Janet Smith and joining the management team as Rehearsal Director under the direction of Fleur Darkin.

He starts developing his own work going to "Facets 17" India - Bangalore to create a new duet "Some Time Today for Tomorrow" seeking the balance in his career between creating, teaching and performing. He joins Habemus Corpus in 2017.