Thaïs en

T H A ï S

with Ballet Contemporani de Catalunya

When one lives in a bubble
When this bubble doesn't help you evolve
When evolution requires an impossible possibility.

Thaïs is a new creation by Miquel G. Font following the dramaturgy patron of the awarded Before Time - 0'1234 (Stuttgart, 2015). A solo piece where technical resistance challenges itself in a very fragile situation in which the interpreter has no other reference in space than the point shoes' contact to the floor. She sees nothing, in that bubble, and this provoques an inner trip that no even the white clothe can conver. 

With the very sensitive music by Jules Massenet and a high precision body language, this 6 minutes solo becomes a huge challange for the dances as for the audience thus it creates a constant tension and attention on stage. Miquel G. Font considers Thaïs as one of his pearls in his repertory since very few dancers could really execute it properly. 

Premiere: October 2020 - Teatre Fortuny, Reus
Included in the full evening performance MUDANSA - XOC ANTI-TEMPO

Choreography and direction by Miquel G. Font
Music: Jules Massenet
Costume Design: Marta Muiños
Light design: Miquel G. Font
Soloist: Elizabeth Cohen
Coproduction by: Ballet Contemporani de Catalunya
Executive Direction:  Marina Quera
Production Design: Miquel G. Font
Fotography: Josep Guindo
Video editing: Habemus Corpus - Miquel G. Font
Duration: 6 minutes